Wildlife portraits / by Irene Mendez Cruz

These photographs were taken during two field trips, one to a local owl sanctuary and another to the West country wildlife photography center. These trips provided unique opportunities to get up close to native mammals and a variety of owl species from around the world. I was also able to experiment different techniques such as portraiture, panning, macro photography and macro flash.

Ural Owl portrait (Strix uralensis). 2015. Digital. Nikon D810: 105mm - 1/400 - f/7,1 - ISO 100 

Jumping Red fox. (Vulpes vulpes) 2015. Digital. Nikon D810: 140mm - 1/100 - f/6,3 - ISO 100 

Harvest mice. (Micromys minutus) 2015. Digital.  Nikon D810: 105mm - 1/160 - f/4 - ISO 200